Less than 1000!







An open letter to all scientists in the face of global climate emergency
Dear colleagues,
please take part in the the "Less than 1000!" initiative by Scientists 4 Future - do not fly within 1000 km! This is an important sign that we do understand the climate emergency and understand that we all have to act.
But it is just a small sign.
It would be best to not fly at all until the climate crisis is solved (and to do a lot of other things in addition -see short list at the end)
I know , not to fly might be hard for some. But imagine how hard a climate catastrophe will be. Not flying will be the least of our problems in the future.


Please. Set a clear sign. If WE are not willing and able to set a clear sign, how can we demand that from others? Some might want to consider where they live and if that is the place where they want to be during times when flighing will not be possible / allowed / affordable any more.
Of course some of us are important for political negotiations on climate change or biodiversity loss and have to fly to some essential meetings. Such meetings still do have to happen to increase the speed of change. But other meetings that are not absolutely essential for our survival should not be continued in the current form. There are other forms of meetings that can be used in our modern times.
Of course we also need to set clear signs in many other ways: Switch to renewable energies, reduce our energy use, reduce consumerism (buy used stuff and share things), switch our bank and insurances, not cooperate with institutions or customs that support the current profit-maximizing system (Black Friday and such events), buy local and organic foods, become politically active and most of all: focus on the beauty of nature and community - not on non-sustainable "beauty" in stores or far-away countries. Changing the system takes every one of us not only in words but in deeds. And it is urgent time that we act accordingly on all fronts.
Imagine the beauty of the world and how wonderful the future CAN be if we act now. I can´t wait for the times when we sit back and enjoy the outcome of all our efforts. That outcome will be more worthwhile and more beautiful than any trip you ever take or any manmade thing that you can buy.
Please. Do. Act. Now.
PS: Please forward this to all your colleages. Thank you.
PPS: This intitiative could be copied by churches, entrepeneurs, students,...everybody, not just scientists!

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