It´s time to raise our voices

Mike Hoffmann giving a TEDx talk
Mike Hoffmann giving a TEDx talk

The best Christmas present ever.

If an associate dean of one of the most famous universities in the US -  Cornell University - is raising his voice on behalf of action on climate change, then it truly is time for all of us to chime in. Mike Hoffmann, Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, as well as director of the Cornell University Agricultural Experimental Station (CUAES) stood up for a TEDx talk and spoke about the dangers of climate change and the need to act.

Prof. Hoffmann is not the only one raising his voice on behalf of the climate, but is joined by many other voices of directors and professors that are trying to warn humanity about the dangers of climate change. When will their voices be heard?


Maybe Mike´s voice touches more people, because he approaches climate change in a a very personal way, reminding me of Jim Hansen, one of the most prominent figures in the climate change debate. Asking the audience to think of a young person in their lives - their kid, grandkid, niece,...whispering their names, is a wonderful move in Mike´s talk. He touches upon something that is often missing - the personal involvement, the realization that climate change is about me, about what I love and deeply care for.


Watch Mike´s talk and join the many millions of people who are already raising their voice. Together, we WILL make a difference. And this difference will be the very best Christmas present we can give to our loved ones this year and in all years to come.


Merry Christmas!


Maiken Winter

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