Change is in the air

It feels different right now.


It feels that in spite of all the bad news, there is positive change in the air. Imagine, such  positive change would continue and change the current path we are on!



  • the world will finally realize that money is not the most important thing in our lives and act upon it by focusing on protecting the basis for our life instead of destroying it.
  • people all around the world understand their connectedness with each other and with nature.
  • the safety of nature with all its inhabitants will have priority over the greed of people.
  • humanity does not only understand the need for decarbonization but acts upon it immediately by divesting from fossil fuels and reinvesting money into truly sustainable endeavors within a few decades.
  • CO2 will cost so much that it will be not profitable to produce or use anything that emits CO2.
  • all materials will be used wisely and carefully so that they do not cause any pollution and will not get thrown away.


  • we will experience that the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will decrease.
  • we will watch an increase of annual sea-ice cover in the Arctic Ocean and the regrowth of rainforest and of coral reefs.
  • protected areas will be truly protected and interconnected so that threatened species recover and spread into their former distributional ranges.

There are a  lot more beautiful images one can dream of; images that make it worthwhile to fight for. These images will differ among people; but everybody dreams of a safe, healthy and happy life. Once we truly understand that such a life will not be possible without a safe and healthy nature, no matter how much monetary wealth we have accumulated, then we have won the battle.


The missing piece for change, the true understanding that the fight for nature and for a stable climate is a fight for our own survival and a moral obligation for all future generations, this missing piece is becoming obvious to more and more people. The Enzyklika Laudato Sii by Pope Franciscus might turn the tide by passing a tipping point for an ethical transformation. Turning off lights and using the bike once in a while will not savee humanity from itself. But humanity needs to develop a true and humble new understanding of its place in the world.


Change is in the air. It is a huge chance for humanity to change its course towards a gentler way of life. Imagine! Isn´t it a beautiful image? It does not need to remain a naive dream - if we use this chance and act upon it together and immediately. It is more than worth it.



Music is a wonderful way to get motivated for action. Here are two that fit very well to this article:


"The times are a-changing" from Bob Dylan:
The text can be read here:

"Laudata Si": The German text for this song can be dowloaded here:


Singen Sie mit - viel Freude dabei und an unserer gemeinsamen Zukunft!


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    Lars (Donnerstag, 18 Juni 2015 09:48)

    A beautiful vision, Maiken!

    I admire your commitment for eduction and change in the world. It is also people like you that can make this worls a better place.

    My best wishes are with you