An urgent call to action


Dear friends,

we are getting alarmingly close to enormous changes in the climate system that would grant us a life on earth that we wished not to be part of. We still have a chance to avoid that possibility, but it is getting smaller and smaller the longer we wait.

It is too late that individual behavioural changes will make a big difference. Such changes are very important over the long term. But at the moment we need all energies on putting pressure on those in power. We need changes in policy and law to clearly protect future generations. Such changes will not happen when we just bring a shopping bag to the store.

We need to understand that fighting for our future is not something that can be postponed. Once we pass tipping points it will be too late. So please consider your options and make priorities that you can be proud of in the future.

Whatever you decide to do, be prepared to look into your childrens eyes to answer their question - What did you do to help avoid THIS?


Imagine your house is burning. What do you do? You run out and call emergency. After that you just sit and wait. But with climate change we have no place to run out to. Waiting will just increase the likelihood of destruction. Nobody will come from outside to help. It is up to us to get up and help carry the water buckets.

So, I have four very important requests to each of you:

1. Call your representatives and tell them that you are seriously concerned about climate change and about the slow progress of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and that you expect them to do all in their power to step up for an energy rebellion. To avoid dangereous climate change, emissions need to drop each year by at least 6%. Ask the representatives what their plan is to make sure we do not lag behind. Ask them how we can reach that goal by continuing in investing and subsidizing fossil fuels.

2. If you live in Germany then PLEASE call your "Bundestagsabgeordnete" and demand that they do not agree with the revision of the EEG. (more information on the planned reform is here in German)

3. Please consider joining the Citizens Climate Lobby (Bürgerlobby Klimaschutz) and the Fossil Free Campaign  (in Germany Fossil Free Deutschland) to help speed up the changes we need.

4. Even though I just wrote that individual changes won´t do the trick, there are a few things that can send out an important signal... If you have not done so yet - switch to 100% renewables as soon as possible. And if possible, of course it wouldn´t hurt to reduce flying, meat-eating, stuff-buying, car-driving, heating, air-conditioning,....but I won´t go into that. You already know that anyway.

We can do this, but it really REALLY needs a huge effort from all of us. But it feels wonderful to help make the changes that are needed. Imagine that we WILL experience the moment when greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are dropping and temperatures are cooling, wonderful that will feel! That´ll be the absolutely amazing reward for all of our work.


Remember what this is about: It is about everything that is close and dear to your heart - yourself, your kids, your grandkids, nature, birds, peace and quiet - everything.  "Love does not despair. Love makes us strong. Love gives us the courage to act. Love gives us hope that change is possible. Love allows us to change the script...Let´s remember that love is a verb. And love means to do something." (from Stephen Colbert in the Late Night Show after the horrible shooting in Orlando).

Thank you for doing something!


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