About us

WissenLeben understands itself as a link between the natural sciences and the public.

Our goals are:

  • to foster interest, understanding, and fascination for the natural sciences, especially ecology, conservation biology and climate science.
  • to improve our connection to nature
  • to motivate the public to participate in the Great Transformation towards a sustainable society.

WissenLeben is helping to speed up this transformation by

  • fostering fascination for the amazing processes in nature and by increasing the understanding for the connections between the components of the natural system, thus motivating people to step up for a sustainable future. 
  • helping people understand the consequences of our actions.
  • sharing knowledge on solutions and thus enabling every person to act by themselves.

Specifically, we explain and discuss scientific results  at schools, universities, and the general public, and foster interest through projects that enable people to experience nature and science first-hand.