Voices on WissenLeben e.V.

RaoulWeilerAs board member of WissenLeben e.V. and as scientist, I attest that this  NGO is providing excellent work for dissimenating knowledge and motivation to youngsters about climate and environmental issues. Its work is based on scientific data and has highest professional  standards.

Prof. Raoul Weiler, World Academy of Art & Science and Club of Rome



Bill_SmallClear communication of scientific understanding is essential to progress in the fight for a working planet!


Bill McKibben, 350.org






YperseleDr. Maiken Winter puts her scientific knowledge at the service of climate and environment education and awareness with extraordinary energy and dedication. Sixty years after Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring', she reminds us that birds are the "canary in our coal mine", and that what happens to them matters for all of us.


Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, professor of climatology and environmental sciences at the Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium



hansenStorms, droughts and floods may finally wake up the single species that is causing the climate problem -- but the climate effects that most stir my heart and brain are those on the millions of other species.


 Jim Hansen, Columbia University